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Why We Hunt

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

Waterfowl hunting.

This is Passport to Texas

Most of us hunt to put food on tables. It’s not that we don’t care about conservation or hunting heritage, we do—the money hunters spend on the activity pays for conservation. It’s just that our motives are more practical and philanthropic.

Let’s start with philanthropy. The nonprofit organization Feeding Texas oversees the Hunters for the Hungry program, which distributes thousands of pounds of hunter-donated venison to charitable feeding programs statewide.

This quality protein helps to nourish hungry Texans. Many of whom are children and elderly who would not otherwise have access to fresh meat. Learn more about Hunters for the Hungry at

Now for practicality. We’ve wised up over the years and pay more attention to where our food comes from and how it arrived at our tables. The best way to know with certainty: harvest it for ourselves.

That’s why we hunt. To know where our food comes from, and to feed our families the healthiest free-range, sustainable protein possible. These animals lived good lives, and in death provide for us.

Hunting is about food culture, and has been since the beginning of humankind. Learning to hunt to feed ourselves and others is a worthy pursuit.

When you’re ready to learn, visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife website, and search for mentored hunts.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife, I’m Cecilia Nasti.

Drawing for a Lifetime License

Monday, September 26th, 2016
Hunt and fish for the rest of your life for free.

Hunt and fish for the rest of your life for free.

This is Passport to Texas

The cost of a hunting or fishing license is money well spent. But, what if you could enjoy these activities for a lifetime—free? Enter the Lifetime License drawing from Texas Parks and Wildlife and you could find out.

A lifetime license gives a winner the opportunity to hunt and fish for the rest of their life without ever buying another license in Texas.

Marketing specialist, Nicole Goodman oversees promotion for the drawing, which previously took place in summer & fall. They’ve since added a third drawing, and moved them all to fall.

The deadlines to win are September 30th, October 31st, and November 30th. The winners will be chosen the following business day, and any entry that’s not chosen, will be automatically entered in the next drawing.

Entries are available where you buy licenses; the $5 fee goes toward conservation projects in Texas.

And that [enters you to win] a license that’s valued at eighteen hundred dollars, and you won’t have to buy another license ever again.

Seasoned outdoorsmen and women can extend the benefits to their kin.

Yeah, the really great thing that we’ve seen is a lot of our winners—if they’re older—they will transfer their license to their kids or their grandkids so that they have the opportunity to use it for years to come.

Find details on the Lifetime License Drawing on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife …I’m Cecilia Nasti.

How to Sight Your Hunting Rifle

Thursday, September 8th, 2016

This is Passport to Texas

Bring a properly sighted rifle into the field this hunting season. You may have your own method, and here’s another to consider:

With an unloaded firearm, make initial adjustments on the scope by bore sighting with a device or the naked eye. Yet, a shooting range is where real adjustments occur.

Practice with the same ammo you’ll use when hunting. Different brands and cartridge weights vary in performance. If you sight in your firearm with one kind of cartridge but hunt with another, you risk missing your target.

At 25 yards and using a paper target with a one-inch grid pattern, shoot three rounds, aligning the scope’s crosshairs at the exact center of the target. This three-shot group will reveal how far off center your scope is set.

Based on the average of your shots, use the scope’s dials, to make adjustments. For vertical movement adjust the elevation. For horizontal movement, adjust left and right, called windage. At 25 yards, you can adjust for windage, but for proper elevation, it is best to move the target back to 100 yards and shoot three more rounds.

Depending on the average distances you shoot at game in the field, you may want to center your group either at the bulls-eye or at one inch high at 100 yards.

Find a sighting demo video at

The Wildlife Restoration program supports our series.

For Texas parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

A Year of Outdoor Adventures

Wednesday, September 7th, 2016
You could be saltwater fishing in Matagorda Bay.

You could be saltwater fishing in Matagorda Bay.

This is Passport to Texas

What if someone gave you a year’s worth of outdoor adventures? It could happen for one fishing or hunting license buyer when they enter the Win Your Dream Year Outdoors drawing, through November 30.

Go to a special web page that we’ve set up and enter your information: your email address, your name, and your customer number and you’re entered.

It’s free to enter the drawing. Guided fishing and hunting trips are just the start. Janis Johnson, with Texas Parks and Wildlife, says priceless outdoor experiences will provide a lifetime of memories for the winner.

We’re also giving these one of a kind experiences that money can’t buy. You can’t buy a trip to go out on a bay troll on a research vessel with a coastal biologist. Or to go longline sampling in the Gulf of Mexico to learn more about the bay systems and how we keep them healthy and thriving. And, you cannot at this point, buy a kayak fishing adventure with a team of TPW biologists on the Devil’s River, which is one of the most pristine and beautiful and untouched rivers in the whole Southwestern United States.

The license buyer who wins the Grand Prize also receives a premier dove hunting trip, a shotgun, a trophy catfish trip, and $2,000 in Cabela’s merchandise and gear, and more—and it’s all tax free.

And here’s another exciting point. Every trip is for at least two people with accommodations for the travelers.

Find details about the Win Your Dream Year Outdoors drawing on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website, search using the phrase “Dream Year”.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

Your Dream Year Outdoors

Tuesday, September 6th, 2016
Win your dream year outdoors with Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Win your dream year outdoors with Texas Parks and Wildlife.

This is Passport to Texas

Most folks who work indoors all day long wish they had more time to be outdoors.

We can’t give them more time outdoors, but we can certainly make it a lot more fun when they’re out there.

That’s Janis Johnson with Texas Parks and Wildlife. She says anyone purchasing an annual, combo or lifetime license can enter a free drawing for a Dream Year Outdoors.

And the way you enter is to buy your license either online or at a local retailer—get your customer number off of your license, and simply go to a special web page that we’ve set up on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website and enter your information.

So what would this dream year outdoors look like?

It starts with a Cabela’s Celebrity Bass Trip, where you get to go fishing with two of their TV hosts. And this will be televised and shown nationally. There are five fishing trips; a saltwater trip—guided. There’s a freshwater trip. There’s a Devil’s River Kayak Fishing Adventure. There’s a Be a Coastal Biologist for a Day fishing trip. There’s a dove hunting trip from a premier outfitter. And all of these trips include hotel lodging.

The Win Your Dream Year Outdoors drawing runs through November 30. A winner will be drawn December 1.

Janis Johnson returns with additional details on the drawing for a Dream Year Outdoors tomorrow.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.