Cultivating Diversity at Texas Parks and Wildlife

Chief Diversity Officer, David Buggs

Chief Diversity Officer, David Buggs

This is Passport to Texas

As the population demographics of Texas continue to evolve, so does Texas Parks and Wildlife

Texas is a majority minority state. Not just ethnic diversity, but also gender diversity. … there are more women in the state of Texas now than there are men.

David Buggs, Director of Diversity at Texas Parks and Wildlife is leading the charge on this vital mission.

I love the outdoors. Always been a part of it, ever since my youth. I loved the mission of Texas Parks and Wildlife and having an opportunity to actually focus on diversity and inclusion, along with helping a mission, was just outstanding, so I couldn’t miss the opportunity.

And what does a Director of Diversity do exactly?

My position entails creating strategy for the entire organization, both internal diversity and inclusion strategy, looking at recruitment, looking at retention. But it also deals with the external piece, looking at outreach and education. I make sure that I’m facilitating good conversations, and basically what I do is hold up the mirror to everybody within the organization, so they can see who they are, and also talk about what we can do differently.

Find more on diversity at Texas Parks and Wildlife on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.

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For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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