Diversity in the Workplace Supports the Work

Diversity in the TPWD workforce helps support nature’s diversity.

This is Passport to Texas

For David Buggs, Director of Diversity at Texas Parks and Wildlife, diversity and inclusion aren’t just nice ideas. As in nature, it’s crucial to the agency’s mission… and the survival of the organization.

Any good bio-scientist will tell you, if you don’t have that diversity in the eco-system, it’s not very strong. It’s going to eventually falter, and then invasive species or other things take over and it creates an imbalance in the habitat.

So, what does diversity inclusion look like at Texas Parks and Wildlife?

Diversity inclusion means everybody gets an opportunity to participate and to be fully engaged and to add value. And it makes for a better, stronger organization. …we’ve got to start having some of those conversations about how diversity adds value. It’s an uncomfortable conversation for some folks to have because when you’ve been in an environment where the only folks you see look just like you, you get real comfortable there. But you’ve got to start off being comfortable being uncomfortable. And once you’ve become comfortable being uncomfortable, it’s a lot easier to reach some of your goals and make your organization sustainable.

Find information about Texas Parks and Wildlife’s diversity and inclusion initiatives on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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