State Parks: Wood for Campfires

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You don’t have to walk far inside a state park before you come across fallen branches and twigs. But if you’re thinking about collecting them for your campfire, our State Park Guide Bryan Frazier say—think again.

A lot of people still assume that they can scavenge for firewood on site at the parks. That’s not true in most places. State parks, Federal Lands—you can’t gather firewood that’s lying around. That dead wood that falls form the trees, first of all it’s state property, second of all it provides habitat for lots of different animals. It eventually decomposes into the soil. You can always buy it either at nearby convenience stores—they’ll usually sell firewood, or the state park stores here in Texas will sell firewood to you, or their friends groups. But it’s smart to plan ahead and take some of it with you. A lot of us have fireplaces or big barbecue pits, so we have wood piles at home. Take that along, It’s cured wood. It’ll burn, it will light. It will burn easy, and that can save you down the road. You’re going to want a fire in cooler weather. You’re going to want a fire not just for cooking like in the summertime, but you’re going to want a fire that’s sustainable to provide some radiant heat and gather around. And it just makes the camping experience what everyone envisions. Nobody really thinks about camping and tents without having a nice campfire.

Thanks, Bryan.

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For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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