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Outdoor Story: Karen Spangrud

Friday, March 7th, 2008

Passport to Texas from Texas Parks and Wildlife

San Antonio mom, Karen Spangrud, wanted to explore Texas with her son, and not break the bank. She decided to take him camping.

Someone suggested Garner State Park. And, how can you go wrong with Garner? So, we packed up our truck and off we went.

Karen didn’t grow up knowing about camping and recreational opportunities at Texas state parks, until she was invited to go on a camp out.

I first learned about Texas State Parks through a friend’s parents. The invited me to dinner, and to possibly stay over with them—years ago when I was in school. It was so much fun, I had never thought of doing it before.

When Karen became a mother, she knew Texas State Parks would be valuable to her son’s formative years. And his first camping tip proved it.

He was so excited to sleep in a tent. It’s not the same as a tent in the backyard. He woke up talking about the noises heard overnight [and wondered] if the deer had come by, [and] if the raccoons had come by. He has really developed an affinity for the outdoors, and he’s exploring climbing trees, he’s looking at the wildlife, looking at the scat—little boys think that’s really cool—and he’s really become quite a little naturalist, which is great.

What’s your story? Go to as Karen did and tell us what like to do in the great Texas outdoors.

That’s out show…reminding you that Life’s Better Outside…for Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.