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Boater Safety: Nobody’s Waterproof

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

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Have fun on the water this summer, but play it safe. That’s the message the Nobody’s Waterproof campaign is sending to everyone—especially 18 to 34 year old men.

As you can guess, those are the people who are at highest risk in this state for [boating] fatalities or accidents. Instead of asking those people to come to us, we take it to them. So, we actually have a boat, and an outreach team that’s kind of a peer-to-peer contact group.

Brandi Bradford, state boater education coordinator.

And we go out and have a great time. We play games, we have what we call water safety Jeopardy, and we pass out koozies; we have inflatable life jackets that we give away, waterproof boxes—all kinds of fun stuff to encourage people to be safe and to remind them of boating safety.

Last year the program reached five thousand people with direct, one-on-one contact, and they’re going to do it all again this year. So, keep an eye out for the Nobody’s Waterproof boat when you’re on the water this summer.

It’s bright blue with orange flames on the side of it that says Nobody’s Waterproof, Play it Safe.

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