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Social Media & the State Parks Website

Friday, September 18th, 2009

Passport to Texas from Texas Parks and Wildlife

When Texas State Parks new website débuts later this fall, it will have virtual tours, videos of state parks, new images, and a chance to get up to the minute information about parks using social media.

They’re going to be able to sign up for Twitter updates. As most of you know Twitter now has become very commonplace. But, it’s going to allow them to, for example, find out when there might be fall foliage at Lost Maples SP. They’ll get a Twitter alert.

Marketing Director, Darcy Bontempo, says Twitter isn’t the only social media application the new state parks website will employ to keep visitors connected.

They also can go and look at the Facebook page for a park and see, for example, what other visitors have experienced at the park…user comments…also look at photos and videos from park visitors who have been there post. So, that’s a neat way, also to explore what a park’s about before you’ve even had a chance to go there.

Incorporating social media into the new website makes sense.

This is the way of the future, and people want to see what other people are saying. This is not a new discovery on our part—this is just us keeping up with the wave, and we are very excited about it. And people are going to possibly even reconnect based on Facebook. I mean, there are all kinds of opportunities to connect or discover things that they didn’t know about the park, because users are the ones sharing experiences or discoveries.

The new State Parks website goes live this fall.

That’s our show… remember…Life’s better outside…for Texas parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.