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Value of Dove Hunting in Texas

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

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[SFX—mourning dove call]

Dove season always signals the beginning of all fall hunting opportunities.

September first marks the beginning of the season in the north and central zones, but the season doesn’t open in the south zone until September 17.

And that is to protect late-nesting mourning doves. We have indications from studies that a significant proportion of young are produced after September first in South Texas. And obviously, we want to set the hunting seasons when we’re not going to affect the survival of the young that are still in the nest.

Jay Roberson is a wildlife biologist. He says protecting the species not only makes good conservation sense, it makes good economic sense.

A Southwick Economic Survey, in 2005, indicated that over three hundred million dollars are generated annually to local economies from dove hunting. Over three thousand jobs are created because of dove hunting, and about twenty one million dollars in sales tax is generated annually from dove hunting. This comes from leases, gasoline, groceries, hunting licenses, goods and services at local stores. So it is an extremely important species.

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