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Fishing for Rainbows

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

This is Passport to Texas

Winter may not be the time when most folks think about fishing, but it is the only time in Texas to reel in rainbow trout. Our State park Guide, Bryan Frazier, says parks are an ideal place to cast for this stocked species.

56—They’re a nice fish to catch for kids because they’re pretty easy to catch when they stock them. And we have about 15 State Parks where you don’t need the freshwater stamp, you don’t need the freshwater fishing license—so you can just come out to fish at your leisure and have a good fishing experience during a time of year when maybe you’re not doing anything else; it’s a great outdoor activity for the winter.

And I know you’re an angler. What kind of bait would you use to reel in one of these rainbows?

You know, these rainbow trout will fall prey to lots of different things: little spinners, little jigs, little power bait. Corn. Table corn is something they’ll go after, too. I’ve even heard of marshmallows and things like that. I would throw a little spinner, or corn, or a little power bait if I was out there.

And we still have the bag limits, and they’re good table fare as well.

They’re actually delicious to eat, and all the bag limits and length limits will apply, so check those rules and regulations in your outdoor annual, or online on our website to find out more.

Find other trout stocking locations on the Texas parks and Wildlife website.

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