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Plan Ahead for Overnight Visits

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

This is Passport to Texas

State parks offer a variety of overnight accommodations for outdoors enthusiasts. And as our State Park guide Bryan Frazier tells us—it’s wise to make your reservations early.

62—The great thing about Texas is we do have a lot of year-round opportunities because of the weather and the seasonal nature of the state that we live in, but without question, our busy time is traditionally spring break all the way through labor Day up into September. We’re in that period right now, and what we really encourage people to do is—as early as you know when your plans are going to be—call and make a reservation or go online and make a reservation for a campsite, for a cabin or for a screen shelter. You can make a reservation 11 months in advance, and you can do that by phone, by fax; there are lots of different ways. The best way is online. Now, there’s no extra fee charged for an online reservation. You can go straight to our website, and follow the prompts. You can call 512-389-8900—that’s our main reservations number that people are familiar with for years to get a reservation. If you’re not camping, come on ahead, unannounced. It’s great—the more the merrier. But if you’re going to be doing overnight accommodations in any way—campsite, cabin, screen shelter—people need to make a reservation if they can at all, as far in advance as they can.

Thanks, Bryan.

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