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Hunters for the Hungry

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

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Wild harvested venison is additive free, sustainable and nutritious—the kind of food we want to feed our families. Licensed hunters can help feed less fortunate families by donating venison to Hunters for the Hungry.

09— Contact us or visit our website to locate a participating meat processor, so they can take it somewhere that accepts the donation and can get it distributed.

Anitra Hendricks coordinates Hunters for the Hungry, a program of the Texas Association of Community Action Agencies. The program connects hunters with processors who then distribute ground venison to charitable feeding programs and food pantries.

Participating processors offer reduced fees to hunters who donate deer.

12— And that varies from processor to processor. So, we do encourage the hunter, that if they do use our map locator, to locate a participating meat processor, to call ahead of time to verify the Hunters for the Hungry fee.

Hendricks says regions of the state need more processors.

20—We do have a need in the Panhandle area between Amarillo and Lubbock for more meat processors. And then also the East Texas region—as well as west Texas. But some of the feedback that we get is that either there’s not an interest or things are so far and so spread out that it’s hard to get participation in those areas.

Find a link to the Hunters for the Hungry website at

For Texas Parks and Wildlife I’m Cecilia Nasti.