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Wild Game with Chef Lisa Freeman

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

This is Passport to Texas

The way wild game and fish taste depends greatly on what happens in the field as well as in the kitchen.

07—it’s really up to the hunter to take care of the meat. It’s all about how it’s harvested and dressed, and how it’s preserved and stored.

Chef Lisa Freeman, executive chef for NASCAR, and a hunter, specializes in cooking wild game. She was in Texas earlier this year demonstrating wild game cookery with olive oil at Central Market Cooking Schools.

14—I would say that you have your game meat first, and that’s the most important part of your dish to make sure your recipe’s going to turn out. And then the next would be the olive oil. It’s definitely a foundation for a great recipe. The flavors in the oils will compliment your dish and help you achieve great success.

Central Market Cooking Schools, in partnership with Texas Parks and Wildlife, are offering wild game and fish cookery classes as a way to reach out to home cooks who care about where their food comes from.

06— It’s truly organic meat. It’s got so many benefits, and if it’s cook properly, it should be a fantastic meal.

We’ll post information about upcoming game and fish cooking classes on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Facebook page as it becomes available.

The Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program supports our series and is funded by your purchase of fishing and hunting equipment and motorboat fuel. For Texas Parks and Wildlife, I’m Cecilia Nasti.