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Hunting: Kenneth Garcia’s Grand Slam Ram

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Bighorn Sheep

Kenneth Garcia with his Bighorn Sheep

This is Passport to Texas

For 12 years Kenneth Garcia entered Big Time Texas Hunts, hoping for a chance to win the grand slam: a package of four guided big game hunts including whitetail, mule deer, pronghorn and big horn sheep. And in 2010 – he did.

11— I’ve hunted mule deer and whitetail – I’ve never hunted pronghorn. But, when I knew that I had that sheep hunt in that package, that was – to me –the cream cheese icing on the carrot cake.

Hunters pay a $9-dollar fee online or $10-dollars at a license retailer to enter the contest—and there are more hunts than just the grand slam. Money raised goes to conservation project in Texas. It can take more than a year to complete all the hunts in the grand slam package. Kenneth finished this past March with a bang… and a bighorn.

25— Our idea the first day was to look at everything and make decisions on what we were going to go hunt. Well, we crawled and walked about 300 yards, and all of a sudden they walked right over to us. Of course, we got to looking at them real close, and found the ram that I eventually shot — that same evening he presented me an opportunity and I took him Oh, about oh just probably ten minutes to five o’clock that evening.

The ram he harvested made the record books.

08— He has been accepted by Boone and Crockett for their all time record book. He came in at 171 and three eighths inches.

Find information on this year’s Big Time Texas Hunts on the Texas parks and Wildlife website.

The Wildlife and sport fish restoration program supports our series and celebrates 75 years of funding diverse conservation projects throughout Texas… For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.