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Conservation: Crab Trap Removal, 2

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

Crab trap removal from Texas bays

Crab trap removal from Texas bays

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Crab traps—abandoned by their owners in Texas bays—continue to snare crabs, sport fish and other marine life. Since 2002 TPW, its partners and volunteers have removed traps annually during a 10 day cleanup.

04— And we’ve removed 30,449 traps to date.

Coastal biologist, Art Morris, says one derelict trap can ensnare 26 crabs a year; since the removal program, a half million crabs have been spared. This year’s cleanup is February 21 through March second.

14— Anytime during that closure, anybody can remove traps from the bays. But, on Saturday the 22nd, we’ll have our main event day, where we have our staff facilitating some of the sites on the coast and some of our partners will be facilitating some of our sites on the coast.

The program welcomes volunteers with boats, as well as those who wish to work on shore.

18—We will pass out gloves and tarps for people; we will have water available at our facilitated sites. All ages can participate. We’ve had boy scout troops come out and help out. We’ve had the elderly and everybody in between that’s spent significant time doing this.

At some locations along the coast, partners and volunteers even have cleanup parties.

11— There are some places that have barbeques and hot dog and hamburger grills going. Some of these places have had a party every year and really get into it.

Contact your local coastal fisheries field stations, or visit the TPW website for details about getting involved.

The Sport Fish Restoration program Supports our series…For Texas Parks and Wildlife I’m Cecilia Nasti.