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Recreation: Runway Turned Bike Trail

Friday, March 14th, 2014

Matagorda Island Lighthouse at sunrise

Matagorda Island Lighthouse at sunrise


This is Passport to Texas

Back in 1939, the Army decided to build a military base to protect the Texas coast during World War II. That base was located at Matagorda Island. But when it closed in 1977, many parts of the base remained…including the runways.

08—We have several runways, the longest one is 2 miles long. It was set up for B52s to do touch and goes.

And while Matagorda Island’s former park manager, John Stuart, says planes are no longer allowed to use the runways, other types of vehicles are making use of them.

05—Kids use the runways for bicycles and skateboards… we get quite a few.

Cyclists are not the only users of the runways, so you need to be careful when sharing the area.

09—We get least terns nesting on the runway, and that would be a big fine if you went over one of those nests and cracked one of some endangered bird eggs.

Matagorda Island is just one of the many unique places where you can ride your bicycle.

Want to ride on a former railroad track or on a trail where dinosaurs once roamed? Visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife website and find a free on-line brochure on bicycling in state parks.

That’s our show for today. For Texas Parks and Wildlife, I’m Cecilia Nasti.