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Cooking Fish with a French Twist

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015
Previous Central Market Class making Elk Burgers at  Fort Worth Coking School, photo by Brett Johnson.

Previous Central Market Class at Fort Worth location, photo by Brett Johnson.

This is Passport to Texas

Since the French flag flew over Texas, and since the area they originally colonized was on the Texas coast, and since Bastille Day, which celebrates the beginning of the French revolution is July 14, Texas Parks and Wildlife, with Central Market Cooking Schools statewide, is holding cooking public classes on July 14 that feature seafood with a French twist.

08—I love the saltwater as well as freshwater. But the saltwater you have more variety. You never know what you’re going to pull up. It’s exciting – like Christmas morning.

That’s Cindy Haenel, an avid angler and a staff chef at the Austin Central Market Cooking School. Snapper, shrimp, and striped bass will take on the flavors of France during the class. The key to preparing any fish dish to perfection—French or otherwise—is to not overcook it.

22—Most people, if they don’t like the taste of fish, it’s probably because they’ve overcooked it. And, as it cooks, and the oil of the fish starts to come out of the flesh, it burns very, very quickly. So, if you will undercook your fish, or protect that fish with either a salt crust, or even if it just has a little butter, or some kind of fat on the outside it still protecting that fish while it’s cooking.

A Texas Parks and Wildlife representative will be on hand to discuss the various species on the plate as well as coastal fishing in Texas.

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For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.