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Water and Wildlife

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015
Northern Pintail

Northern Pintail

This is Passport to Texas

Water affects nearly everything Texas Parks and Wildlife does.

06— We manage the state’s fish and wildlife resources, and of course, they need water to live and thrive.

Cindy Loeffler is water resources branch chief at TPW.

11— Our state parks—people who want to recreate on water—it’s important to have flowing rivers and streams and lakes with water in them. And people. We need water. So, everything we do is affected by water.

After five years of devastating drought, Texas finally received substantial rainfall Memorial Day weekend; but it was too much, too fast. It caused flooding in parts of the state, which resulted in loss of property and life. Even so, it left behind a glimmer of hope.

22— There are benefits to the ecosystem. So, everything from seeing rivers flowing once again—reconnecting with the floodplain; very important for the riparian vegetation along rivers and streams. Flushing out some of the nuisance aquatic species… These rainfall events are sort of like resetting a clock when it comes to our thirsty ecosystems across the state.

Now that we have water—what’s next? Find out on tomorrow’s show.

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For Texas Parks and Wildlife, I’m Cecilia Nasti.