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Membership Has its Privileges

Tuesday, March 8th, 2016
Cactus and wetlands along Powderhorn Lake. Photo courtesy of the nature Conservancy, Jerod Foster

Cactus and wetlands along Powderhorn Lake. Photo courtesy of the Nature Conservancy, Jerod Foster

This is Passport to Texas

Volunteers are vital to the work of Texas Parks and Wildlife. If you don’t have time to volunteer but still want to help, there’s always membership in the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation is the official non-profit partner of Texas parks and Wildlife. And we fund transformational projects that benefit the people of Texas.

Anne (Annie) Brown is executive director of the foundation; membership dues help fund conservation of Texas’ wild things and places, for generations to come.

We have two levels. We have a hundred dollar level, and that’s for individual/family. And then we have a forty-five dollar level. And the difference between those is the hundred dollar level, you receive a subscription to Texas Parks and Wildlife magazine, and at the forty-five dollar level you do not.

Supporters receive members-only communication, special invitations, and updates about Texas parks and Wildlife from Director, Carter Smith. The best benefit is the diverse projects members help to fund.

So, Powderhorn Ranch is one of our largest initiatives, and that will hopefully be complete in March of this year. That was a 49-million dollar acquisition. Our pronghorn restoration project in West Texas—trans-relocating pronghorns to their natural area in West Texas. Our Guadalupe Bass program that we do in Central Texas with the department on Central Texas rivers, restocking native Guadalupe Bass to those rivers….

Find information on becoming a Texas parks and Wildlife Foundation member at

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.