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New Parks on the Horizon

Thursday, July 7th, 2016


Albert & Bessie Kronkosky State Natural Area

Albert & Bessie Kronkosky State Natural Area

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The Texas Legislature approved $90 million dollars for state parks during its 2015 session; critical park repairs are just beginning of how the money will be spent.

One of the things people will see in the coming years is the development of several new parks.

Kevin Good is special assistant to the director of state parks.

First in line of those is Palo Pinto Mountains State Park, located halfway between Fort Worth and Abilene, right off of I-20. We’re doing the planning and design right now, and we’ll be approaching the legislature about funding for construction of that site in the next session.

Good says if all goes as planned, Palo Pinto State Park will begin receiving visitors in as few as five years from now.

After that, there are other park sites. The [Albert and] Bessie Kronkosky State Natural Area near San Antonio will be another site that will come online largely due to this increased funding.

Another park under development is Powderhorn Ranch, near Matagorda Bay along the Gulf Coast. Part of its more than 17-thousand acres will eventually become a state park while the rest will serve as a wildlife management area.

Find details on park improvements on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife, I’m Cecilia Nasti.