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Free Fishing Day: Cost Effective Family Fun

Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

Family Fishing Fun on Free Fishing Day, June 2, 2018

This is Passport to Texas

Karen Marks says Free Fishing Day on June 2nd lets you try fishing before spending money on a license and gear.

So, this is a great day, because you don’t have to invest in a fishing license. And, if you go to one of our site that has a tackle loaner program—we have over 90 sites across the state. So you can go fishing without making the big investment of a license or gear. Try it out. See if you like it. And, hopefully you do. And then you’ll come back and buy a fishing license and go out and buy some gear.

Marks, aquatic education manager for Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, says manufacturers collect a 10 percent excise tax on fishing gear that’s earmarked for conservation programs, including fish stocking. On June 1st, neighborhood fishin’ ponds will be stocked with catfish for you to reel in and take home on June 2.

The neighborhood fishing parks do have different bag limits, so you’ll have to look at the signs in the park and see what those are. And then check your outdoor annual—you can look at the book or look at the online app—and check out what the regulations are for where you’re fishing. Because there are length limits and bag limits that apply. Well, fingers crossed we get some new anglers out of this. Yes, I hope so; that would be great.

All the fun without all the expense. Free Fishing Day is June 2. Learn more on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.

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For Texas Parks and Wildlife, Cecilia Nasti.