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TPW Magazine: Aquathlon Open Water Swim

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018

Race route. Image: Tri-Now Endurance,

This is Passport to Texas

Elite and casual athletes come together July 29th at Cedar Hill State Park for the Open Water Swim Challenge and Aquathlon. It’s a multisport competition of swimming, running and biking.

As part of their Year of Epic Texas Challenges—Texas Parks and Wildlife magazine’s July issue features an article about the event by Lisa Wyatt Roe. She penned a compelling piece about open water swimming, which is the feral cousin of lane swimming, as it doesn’t provide the ropes and walls that keep swimmers on course.

Roe introduces readers to competitors and experts who offer their rationale for taking on this unpredictable challenge, and how—for some—panic is their worst enemy.

She also offers readers Open Water Racing tips, including:

To keep yourself swimming in a straight line, use a landmark as a spot — a building or a buoy, for example.

Strive for a fluid, smooth rhythm. Do five to 10 strokes, then pop your head out of the water like a prairie dog to see where you are.

Know that you’ll get kicked. Roll with it.

Read additional open water racing tips and the fascinating story about the Open Water Swim Challenge and Aquathlon by Lisa Wyatt Roe in the July issue of Texas parks and Wildlife Magazine. On Newsstands now.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.