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Fresh Air for All

Monday, December 17th, 2018
Family hike at Inks Lake State Park.

Family hike at Inks Lake State Park.

This is Passport to Texas

Kids aren’t the only ones who benefit from fresh air and sunshine. People of all ages can achieve a better quality of life by spending time in the wide open spaces–as well as the forested spaces–or watery spaces. Former¬†Texas Parks and Wildlife Outreach and Education director, Nancy Herron, shares ¬†some thoughts.

When you spend time outdoors you can be healthier, happier and smarter. Those are some big claims there, Nancy. What do we mean by that? Actually there is a lot of research that’s out there that shows that people of all ages actually do have benefits from being outside in nature, and that does include improvements to your health, your stress level, your sense of self esteem and confidence. Even being more
cooperative. Can you believe that? Communities are more cooperative; families bond better in the out of doors. These are interesting things that we now know that we took for granted, and we just didn’t realize. That there’s a whole bevy of benefits from being outdoors.

Get healthier, happier and smarter in the New Year ahead when you spend time outdoors. Because, Life’s Better Outside’.and so are you.

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For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.