A Year of Outdoor Adventures

You could be saltwater fishing in Matagorda Bay.

You could be saltwater fishing in Matagorda Bay.

This is Passport to Texas

What if someone gave you a year’s worth of outdoor adventures? It could happen for one fishing or hunting license buyer when they enter the Win Your Dream Year Outdoors drawing, through November 30.

Go to a special web page that we’ve set up and enter your information: your email address, your name, and your customer number and you’re entered.

It’s free to enter the drawing. Guided fishing and hunting trips are just the start. Janis Johnson, with Texas Parks and Wildlife, says priceless outdoor experiences will provide a lifetime of memories for the winner.

We’re also giving these one of a kind experiences that money can’t buy. You can’t buy a trip to go out on a bay troll on a research vessel with a coastal biologist. Or to go longline sampling in the Gulf of Mexico to learn more about the bay systems and how we keep them healthy and thriving. And, you cannot at this point, buy a kayak fishing adventure with a team of TPW biologists on the Devil’s River, which is one of the most pristine and beautiful and untouched rivers in the whole Southwestern United States.

The license buyer who wins the Grand Prize also receives a premier dove hunting trip, a shotgun, a trophy catfish trip, and $2,000 in Cabela’s merchandise and gear, and more—and it’s all tax free.

And here’s another exciting point. Every trip is for at least two people with accommodations for the travelers.

Find details about the Win Your Dream Year Outdoors drawing on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website, search using the phrase “Dream Year”.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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