Accessible Coastal Angling

This is Passport to Texas

All Texans deserve reasonable access to coastal fishing opportunities, regardless of their physical abilities.

04—This is Texas and Texans love to fish; and we want to make sure that everybody can fish.

Jim Suydam (sue-DAM) press secretary at the Texas General Land Office, says mobility impaired Texas anglers shouldn’t let concern over beach access stop them from casting a line in Gulf waters.

16—I think people would be amazed to find how easy it really is. Some people may be intimidated to think that it would be harder to access the beach if they have a disability. But I think if they look at how most Texans go to the beach, that you can just drive up and find a nice spot– it’s really very easy.

Although the ADA doesn’t apply to the coast, the state follows its accessibility guidelines because it’s the right thing to do.

25—It’s important in the mix for us when we’re looking at a city’s beach access plan, that we make sure that there is adequate vehicular access as well as pedestrian access. Also, we work to funnel grant monies to areas that will provide special ADA dune walkovers; that’s an important part of the mix. And we’ve put those in, in surfside and in Sea Rim State Park – some of the most popular parks in Texas for fishers.

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The Sport Fish and Wildlife Restoration Program support our series… providing funding for the operations and management of Sea Center Texas.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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