Angling: New Life for Old Catfish

Fisheries biologists and channel catds

Fisheries biologists and channel catds

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What happens when fish hatchery brood stock are past their prime? If they’re channel catfish from the A.E. Wood Fish Hatchery in San Marcos, they find new homes in urban lakes.

08—What we’re trying to do is provide quality fishing opportunities close to home; it’s part of our urban fishing incentive here in Texas.

Fisheries biologist, Marcos De Jesus says Lake Kyle is catch and release only. You might wonder: If anglers are prohibited from taking fish home, and TPWD continues to stock fish in the lake – this includes sunfish and largemouth bass, all of which they call biomass – will the lake be able to support them over time?

26—The ecosystem is designed to sustain a high population. We’re doing intensive management on this system; Lake Kyle will eventually have a network of aeration systems and will also have a network of fish feeders. So, while we are adding a large biomass to this lake, we are also adding infrastructure to support the biomass. The whole objective is to create high numbers of quality size fish for anglers to catch fairly easily.

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