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Camping at Inks Lake

Camping at Inks Lake

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Longer nights and cooler temperatures make fall an ideal time for overnight camping at a Texas State Park. But if you’re new to the activity and don’t know a tent flap from a flap jack, the Texas Outdoor Family program can help.

05—We provide them some gear and get them a little more comfortable before they actually get out there and do it on their own.

Lindsay Carter is a Park Ranger with the Texas Outdoor Family program. During weekend workshops, rangers and volunteers teach families how to set up camp and get comfortable with the gear. Then there are activities.

14—We love having planned activities for them, which is, of course, not required – but stuff that they can do if they want to hang out with us. Kayaking, geocaching, fishing, outdoor cooking…things like this. We like to have a lot of activities to keep them busy while they’re out there.

Up to six peopek per family can sign up for a one or two night workshop. It’s $65 for one-night workshops and $85 for two-night workshops. TOF provides the tents and cooking gear…

10—We ask that they bring groceries that they would like for the weekend. Sleeping bags. Pillows. We have a list on our website of things to bring. But, basically, that’s it.

Texas Outdoor Family workshops take place throughout the state beginning this month. Visit the Texas Outdoor Family page at to find one close to you.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife, I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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