Campsite Considerations

Family camping trip at Bastrop State Park

Family camping trip at Bastrop State Park

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Fall camping season is here, and Robert Owen—an avid camper who oversees the Texas Outdoor Family program—offers suggestions for choosing a campsite for your overnight adventure.

What I look for in a campsite is a bit of privacy. I enjoy a quiet end of the park; a place where the family can settle down and enjoy peace and quiet of nature. Nearby nature trails – looking for a trail that offers the family something to do right off the back of the campsite is always a real benefit. Also, I always like to reasonably close to water if the park offers water so that all those recreational opportunities are there. I also look for a campsite that has level ground. There’re no safety concerns like low hanging limbs or anything like that, that might interfere with my evening. And proximity to the restroom. You always want to make sure you’re within a comfortable distance of the restroom.

One of the best ways to ensure that close proximity to the restroom is to reserve your campsite in advance.

Tomorrow sawing logs instead of counting sheep when sleeping under the stars. That’s tomorrow.

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