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Still Time to Get State Park Ornaments

Monday, December 11th, 2017
Ornaments for the holidays or any days to celebrate Texas State Parks.

Ornaments for the holidays or any days to celebrate Texas State Parks.

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State park users look forward to this time of year because new Texas State park ornaments are available.

For the last several years, we’ve featured three unique parks each year. This year we’re featuring Lake Arrowhead SP, Garner SP and Village Creek SP. Three very different parks from three very different regions.

Thomas Wilhelm, with state parks, says the American made laser engraved wooden ornaments include an iconic image associated with each featured site.

Each year we try to feature a historic site that has a Civilian Conservation Corps component…we [may also] feature either an animal or geography [on an ornament]. This year we’re featuring Lake Arrowhead because of the prairie dog town there. So, the image is a prairie dog. And we try to do an activity as well. So, this year Village Creek, we’re featuring paddling sports that happen there at Village Creek.

The CCC built dance terrace adorns the Garner SP ornament. Purchase ornaments individually or as a group. A limited number of ornaments from past years are also available.

Call our customer service center (512.389.8900) any time during the month of December, and they will walk you through the process, and make sure you get the ones that you’re looking for. It’s usually about a 10 day turnaround from order to receipt.

Find prices and additional information about all Texas State Parks ornaments on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.

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New State Park Ornaments

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016
New State Park Holiday Ornaments

New State Park Holiday Ornaments

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For those who celebrate the Christmas holiday—or who simply treasure State Parks—a new trio of Texas State Park ornaments is available.

It’s our fifteenth year doing the ornament, actually. We’re really excited about it this year.

Aaron Friar promotes Texas State Parks. When the tradition began, parks rolled out a single limited edition ornament annually that was made from gold flashed brass, and featured three parks. Now it releases three limited edition ornaments annually made from laser cut wood, and each features a single park.

So, this is our fifth year doing that. And we’ve selected three parks. We’re doing Dinosaur Valley, Balmorhea, and then we’re doing Tyler State Park.

Find details about the annual Texas State park ornaments at

If you go to, you can find out all the information about the new ornaments. An individual ornament is going to be $8.95, but you can get all three for $19.95 as a package. And then, if you want to start adding to your collection of ornaments, there are ways to purchase past ornaments.

Find details and see what’s available at

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State Parks 2015 Christmas Ornaments

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015
2015 Park Ornaments

Texas State Parks Christmas Ornaments for 2015

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Tradition is what the holidays are about. And it’s a tradition for Texas Parks and Wildlife to commemorate state parks this time of year with ornaments.

12—That’s right. We’re on our 14th annual edition of our state park Christmas ornaments. This year we feature three different parks: Brazos Bend State Park, Mustang Island State Park, and Blanco State Park.

Thomas Wilhelm, spokesman for Texas state parks, says these rustic wooden, laser engraved ornaments tell each park’s story. The Blanco State Park ornament has special meaning this year as it recovers from spring flooding.

15—Blanco is having their own recovery story. The park is back open, but we did want to nod to the fact that they’ve had a tough year, but we wanted to commemorate that park and show off a little bit of their history and how they continue to thrive after the events of this spring.

The 2015 ornaments are available individually or as a set.

12—You can purchase the individual ornaments for $8.95, or you can purchase the set for $19.95. Call our customer service center 512.389.8900, and they can take your order over the phone.

The money raised helps support your state parks.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

New State Park Christmas Ornaments

Monday, December 1st, 2014
2014 Texas State Park Christmas Ornaments

2014 Texas State Park Christmas Ornaments

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In 2002, Texas Parks and Wildlife released its first State Park holiday ornament.

06—Our original ornaments were done in metal; the last three years have been laser engraved wood.

Thomas Wilhelm is with state parks. When the ornaments were gold-plated metal, the agency released one per year that featured several iconic images. Since 2012, they’ve released three ornaments annually; each spotlights only one park. And this year:

20—We’re looking at the state bison herd at Caprock Canyons, Big Bend Ranch, and Independence Hall at Washington-on-the-Brazos. So, you’ll see an iconic image of each park that is featured. The front will have the image very clear, cut out – it also has the date – and then on the reverse side you’ll find a short interpretive message about what’s featured.

The collectible wooden ornaments have a rustic, nostalgic feel to them, and are available now.

21— The best way to get it is to call into our customer service center and just mention that you want to purchase the ornament. They’re sold individually, or by the set. We also have previous years ornaments for sale. I think they make a beautiful collection, and you’re supporting state parks while showing your love for the outdoors and Texas’ natural places.

Find pricing and ordering information about the Texas state park ornament at

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During the month of December, ornaments are available for purchase over-the-phone by calling the Customer Service Center at 512-389-8900. Limited quantities of previous year’s ornaments are also available for purchase.

2014 Ornaments are $8.95 each, or $19.95 for the set of three. During the month of December, purchase a Texas State Park Gift card valued at $75 or more and receive a FREE 2014 ornament. Tax and shipping fees do apply.

All wooden ornaments measure roughly 3.5 by 4.75 inches, and due to their hand crafted nature, color and contrast will vary slightly so that every ornament is unique.