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Maximize Your Fall Camping Experience

Monday, October 23rd, 2017
Camping with the Family

Camping with the Family

This is Passport to Texas

Fall camping season is here. And Texas Outdoor Family coordinator, Robert Owen, says following a few simple suggestions will enhance your camping experience.

Plan ahead for your activities. Make sure you have a good pair of comfortable shoes to go along with your weekend; while you’re spending time on the trail you’ll want to keep your feet comfortable. Bring some water and sunscreen along regardless of the season. I like to bring along a GPS unit when I camp because I do enjoy Geocaching as a sport. Bring along that fishing equipment – the fish always tend to bite better in the cooler months. And also [bring some] binoculars – the winter months provide great opportunities for bird watching at Texas State Parks, and wildlife watching as well. Would you say that going to is a good place for people to begin their camping trip? Absolutely. It’s broken down into a map view, so you can find a park that’s nearby home or if you’re looking for a reason to get out and explore someplace new. It will tell you all about what the park has to offer; you can check out the park map there, and get a feel for what each campsite may offer. And, there may be a schedule of interpretive activities as well.

Thanks, Robert.

Go to to plan your next campout.

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Take a Hike at a Texas State Park

Monday, September 11th, 2017
Fall is a great time to take a casual stroll or a vigorous  hike at a Texas State Park.

Fall is a great time to take a casual stroll or a vigorous hike at a Texas State Park.

This is Passport to Texas

After spending the summer indoors in self-imposed air-conditioned exile, the promise of cooler fall temperatures is sure to call you outside again.

Hiking in a state park is a simple and enjoyable way to reengage the great outdoors, and experience our state’s abundant natural resources.

Many parks have more than one trail, offering varying levels of difficulty.

A hike is not a race. So, slow down and take time to appreciate your surroundings. Trails are as varied as the parks they’re in. Some follow streams or take you into the woods, or onto rocky ledges; they can be shaded or sun-drenched. And wildlife viewing opportunities while hiking are abundant.

When hiking, dress for the weather. Always wear comfortable close toed shoes. Use a hat and sunscreen to save your skin. Insect repellent is always a good call when hiking in heavily wooded and wet areas. And don’t forget to bring water. Experts recommend you carry eight ounces of water with you for every hour you plan to be on the trail.

And always remember that if you pack in—pack it out. Leave no trace.

Find trail information on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.

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National Trails Day 2017

Thursday, June 1st, 2017
National Trails Day

Get outside and enjoy a state park during National Trails Day.

This is Passport to Texas

National Trails Day is this Saturday, June 3rd. Observe the day by hiking a trail at one of your Texas State Parks.

Our trails really give people an opportunity to experience everything about state parks.

State Parks’, Thomas Wilhelm, says hikers and walkers of all abilities can spend meaningful time on trails. All they need are sturdy shoes, sunscreen, water, perhaps a hiking partner and a sense of adventure.

We have hikes from beginner level paved hikes all the way to very difficult hikes. So, regardless of your skills or your interests – there’s a trail that’s perfect for you [in a state park].

This includes equestrian trails and ADA Accessible trails. The trails in Texas State Parks offer hikers opportunities to experience native plants and wildlife, as well as solitude, peace and calm. And, for those who like to exercise their brain along with their bodies…

There’s also opportunities with interpretive hikes that have panels along the way that explain what’s happening. So, you’re either learning something about nature or about history — or whatever it may be. So it’s both a relaxing experience and an enlightening experience.

Find state park and natural area, hiking opportunities and trail information at

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Bust a Move Outdoors for Better Health

Monday, May 15th, 2017
Getting outdoors does a body good.

Getting outdoors does a body good.

This is Passport to Texas

We have more than a million acres of parks and outdoor spaces in Texas, which means recreational opportunities abound, as do the health benefits of being active outside.

It’s recommended adults get a full 30 minutes a day … and children a full hour. Benefits of regular activity include: better overall bodily health as well as improved mental health.

Local and state parks offer something from everyone: from hike and bike trails, to swimming, rock climbing, paddling, and geocaching.

The opportunity for outdoor play is limited only by your imagination!

Being outside means breathing fresh air… and the varying terrain offers challenges to a workout you can’t get from a treadmill at home.

Side stepping puddles, leaping up rocks, and traversing up and down hills exercise your balance and stability in addition to the cardiovascular system.

The outdoor alternative is also more affordable than the gym, as many state parks offer low-cost admission. So go ahead and get out, because life’s better outside.

Find a park or scenic trail near you at

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TPW TV — Hike Across Texas

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017
Eisenhower State Park gets visit from 72-year-pld Dave Roberts,  walking across Texas - Image: Herald Democrat - Sherman, TX

Eisenhower State Park gets visit from 72-year-old Dave Roberts, walking across Texas – Image: Herald Democrat – Sherman, TX

This is Passport to Texas

For septuagenarian, Dave Roberts, an adventure that took him across Texas on foot, started a little more than two decades ago with a dream…

In my dream, I died and I went to heaven. St. Peter looks at me and he looks down at his book and he looks at me again and says, ‘Why didn’t you take advantage of what they had to offer down there?’ End of dream.

A retired math teacher and computer programmer from Maryland, Dave soon quit his job to become a full-time volunteer, taking time off for adventures.

I don’t want to just sit at home and play card games on the computer and raid the refrigerator every ten minutes and get fat and lazy. I want to be outdoors, I want to breathe unfiltered air, I want the weather to affect me, I want to meet people I’ve never met, I want to go places I’ve never been, and that’s the lifestyle that I’ve chosen for myself.

That’s how Dave Roberts ended up walking across Texas, visiting close to 30 state parks along the way.

Visiting state parks has made my trip much more interesting. I made a spreadsheet: at 15 miles a day, how many state parks can I do? And I came out to 23 state parks. When I got to Tyler, I was like a week and a half ahead of schedule. I was doing 23 miles a day, not 15.

Join Dave Roberts on his walk across Texas, and find out how it all started, this week on the award-winning Texas Parks and Wildlife TV series on PBS. Check your local listings.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.