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Thanksgiving & Christmas in State Parks

Monday, November 16th, 2015
Making Christmas Cookies at LBJ State parks

Making Christmas Cookies at LBJ State parks. See larger cookie recipe below.


This is Passport to Texas

November is the gateway to the holiday season. And that means Texas State Parks will be bustling with festive activities.

04—Yeah, we have a lot of fall activities happening in November.

Thomas Wilhelm works with Texas State Parks.

13—For example, at Meridian State Park, which is just west of Waco, they’re having a Thanksgiving recovery hike. So, the Saturday after Thanksgiving you can go out and hike off some of those calories that you may have picked up on Thanksgiving.

Want to go in the other direction and consume calories instead of burn them? Learn to make food fit for a holiday camp out… including sweet treats.

14—Palmetto State Park is having a harvest themed Dutch oven Cooking session, and Lyndon Baines Johnson State Park near Johnson City is having a holiday cookie decorating event as they start preparing for the Christmas season.

The folks at LBJ State Park even shared an old fashioned cookie recipe with us. Find it at

11—The holidays tend to be so rushed—and they’re so commercialized—so, parks offer an opportunity to slow down just a little bit. Take it in. And celebrate the holidays the way they were intended.

Go to for a list of all holiday events in parks.

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For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

Christmas Cookies


Unwrap the Wild

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015
Unwrap the Wild

Unwrap the Wild, image courtesy

This is Passport to Texas

Nature is a gift we give ourselves the moment we step outside. Share the beauty and Unwrap the Wild; give the gift of the Texas outdoors to others w/a state park pass.

12-This is the second year that we’ve launched Unwrap the Wild. And it’s an opportunity to give back to Texas by supporting your state parks, and to provide friends, family, loved ones–or yourself–with an annual parks pass.

Anne (Annie) Brown is executive director with the Texas Parks and Wildlife foundation, the official non-profit partner of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. During Unwrap the Wild a park pass only costs sixty-five dollars.

12-Which is five dollars off what they usually cost. In addition, they can be purchased online and mailed directly here from our offices in Dallas to individuals for a holiday gift.

Ninety state parks–many within a 90 minute drive or less for most of us–provide pass holders outdoor adventures that are close, convenient, and available a
full 365 days.

13-We launch our Unwrap the Wild on November third, and it will run through December 19th, to make sure that we can get all the park passes to homes before the holiday is here.

Pass holders have a year from the day they redeem their certificate to use their State Parks Pass for waived entry fees for themselves and all the guests in their vehicle. Find details at

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.