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Tree Stand Safety

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016
Safety first when using a tree stand.

Safety first when using a tree stand.

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To be “up a tree” is usually a bad thing—unless, of course, you’re a hunter in a tree stand.

Did you know that the number one cause of hunting injury and fatality in North America is falls from tree stands?

In this instance, being up the tree isn’t the problem… falling from it is. Steve Hall, Texas Parks and Wildlife Hunter Education Coordinator, offers three simple rules to prevent falls.

One, use a good climbing system. Two, a harness while you’re in the stand. And three, a haul line to haul up your equipment and lower it back down to the ground.

Hall says climbing to the tree stand is when most accidents occur.

You want to make sure you have three points of contact while you’re climbing on a ladder or into a stand. You also want to step down onto the platform of that stand before you strap yourself in, in terms of the tree and the harness.

Once a hunter is in the stand, Hall says he or she needs to be sure the tether is nice and taut.

If he does happen to fall off the platform, this will keep his legs near the platform.

This allows the hunter to easily step back onto the platform. There’s more hunter safety information on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.

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TPW TV: Firearm Safety

Friday, June 26th, 2015

This is Passport to Texas

Safety must remain top of mind for anyone who keeps firearms in the home, especially in homes with children.

09-It is unlawful to store, transport or abandon an unsecured loaded firearm where children can obtain unsupervised access to the firearm.

Certified hunter education instructor and former TPW TV producer, Lee Smith, reviews the basics of home firearm safety during a segment of the PBS Texas Parks and Wildlife TV series, which airs the week of June 28.

08- Firearms should not be stored alongside ammunition in an unsecured location. A locking gun cabinet or safe is a much better solution.

How one stores firearms, such as hunting rifles, may affect overall operation and safety of the gun.

10- Many people store them [rifles] with the barrels up. Over time, oils can drip down and clog your actions. It’s much better to store [rifles] with the barrels pointed down.

Clogged action can cause a misfire, which in turn can send someone to the emergency room. In addition, ammunition should be stored separately from firearms, under lock and key.

Learn about firearm care and handling in a hunter education class. And view the PBS TPW TV segment on firearm safety the week of June 28. Check your local listings.

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