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Art/Fish: The Fish Art Contest

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

Student Fish Art

Student Fish Art

This is Passport to Texas

The State Fish Art contest—a nationwide art competition, with support from the William E. Armentrout Foundation and Friends of the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center, is about more than pretty pictures.

05—The idea is to get the students involved in art and science and the out of doors

Zoeann Stinchcomb, with the Texas Freshwater Fisheries center in Athens, says K through twelfth graders may compete by submitting a drawing or painting of a state fish. (Unlike the fourth through twelfth grade participants, the K through third grade entrants will not be required to submit an essay.)

11—Our state fish in Texas is the Guadalupe Bass. However, Texas students are not limited to drawing just the Guadalupe Bass. They can draw any recognized state fish from around the country.

Students from across the nation compete for prizes and a chance to have their artwork reprinted on a conservation stamp.

22—The competition in Texas is stiff; we have more entries generally every year than any other state, and sometimes more than all the other states combined.

Why do you think that is Zoeann?

For one thing, we promote it quite a lot, and also we give good prizes, and we have a big state, and you know, I just think that for some reason the people in Texas have realized the value of the contest.

Deadline to submit an entry is March 31. Find contest details at

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Event: Battleship TEXAS Reunion and Uprising

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

Battleship Texas Celebration and Uprising

Battleship Texas Celebration and Uprising

This is Passport to Texas

On March 12, 1914 the US Navy commissioned Battleship TEXAS. The TEXAS served in both world wars and is the last remaining “dreadnought.” Decommissioned in 1948, today the TEXAS serves as a museum, moored at San Jacinto SP&HS. Andy Smith oversees care of the ship.

14— She spent almost twice as much time as a museum ship as she did as an active warship. And the crew members of the TEXAS decided they would like to have their final, private crew member reunion on March 12th, the centennial of her commissioning.

The reunion of former crew members is private, but the March 15 Texas Uprising – an annual music festival organized by singer-songwriter, Robert Earl Keen — at San Jacinto SP&HS is open to the public.

14—He’s bringing it out to the site – and he’s very excited to help the Battleship Texas by having an event here on site to raise the awareness of the ship and its importance in some of the problems we have, and what the future holds for the ship.

Organized by the Battleship Texas Foundation in partnership with Texas Parks and Wildlife, it‘s a family-friendly event with activities for everyone. Proceeds from The Texas Uprising will help fund repair work on the historic Battleship TEXAS.

12— Artists that are performing throughout the day: Kelly Willis and Bruce Robison are going to play. Charlie Robison is going to play. Reckless Kelly… and then Robert Earl Keen will close the whole thing down, followed by an awesome fireworks display.

Find details, and ticket information, for the March 15th, Texas Uprising with headliner, Robert Earl Keen at

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TPW TV: Growing Pains

Friday, February 7th, 2014

Urban wildlife at Lake Corpus Christi -- Northern Raccoon.

Urban wildlife at Lake Corpus Christi — Northern Raccoon.

This is Passport to Texas

Some of Texas’ greatest thinkers, including San Antonio Businessman and Philanthropist, Louis Stutman, and Dr. Roger Tory Peterson, Ornithologist, Writer, Educator, talk about striking a crucial balance about the stewardship between our states’ economy and our natural resources.

You’re in an enormously changing environment – doubling a population in your lifetime. With that happening, you’ve got to be sure that those people have jobs, transportation; you’ve got to be sure they’ve got a place to live. And at the same time, to be sure that the wildlife and the other things aren’t frozen out.

You see, we’re the dominant primate; Everything else has to, you might say, do our bidding. The other things have no voice. They’re like children. And it’s a moral thing to protect them, because they have a right to live, too.

Well, certainly you have to make hard choices, but that doesn’t mean they’re impossible choices. As long as you can say to yourself, ‘Look. I want to try to find a good solution,’ rather than saying, ‘this is the way you’re going to do it’ – that’s no solution.

My problem is that I don’t understand this thing of growth, because growth eventually kills itself jut by size.

Hear more from Mr. Stutman and Dr. Peterson on the TPW TV series on your PBS station. Check local listings.

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Hunting: What’s Next for Light Geese?

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

Destruction of habitat caused by snow geese. Image from USFWS.

Destruction of habitat caused by snow geese. Image from USFWS.

This is Passport to Texas

An enormous population of light geese is laying waste to its arctic breeding grounds.

06— You take a look along Hudson Bay – you’re seeing transitions from quality habitat to sub quality habitat.

Dave Morrison is Texas Parks and Wildlife Small Game Program Director.

06— In the arctic, it’s a very slow growing season, and it takes years upon years for something to recover.

A 1999 conservation order allows additional harvesting of geese throughout the flyway after the regular season. For reasons biologists are still trying to understand, while fewer birds come to Texas, they remain abundant to our north, and their population continues to grow.

23—Within the Central Flyway, this past year, we had the council vote to increase the daily bag limit during the regular season from 20 to 50. States north of us have the opportunity to shoot 50. Texas was certainly provided that same opportunity, but we felt it was prudent not to take that step. So, the commission maintained the option to maintain the daily bag limit at 20.

Despite best efforts, an overall increasing light goose population has biologists asking: what’s next?

09—Is there something that we need to do? Or do we just simply sit back and say, ‘These are very resilient birds, and try as we may, they’re the ones that are going to control their destiny.’

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Game Wardens: Operation Game Thief

Friday, January 10th, 2014

Operation game Thief

Operation game Thief

This is Passport to Texas

Since 1981, Operation Game Thief has been protecting Texas’ natural resources with the help of the public that calls in with tips.

13—When our game wardens respond, and they can catch the individual, and make the arrest by citation—or physically take them to jail—upon their conviction, that individual can be eligible for a reward payment of us to one thousand dollars.

Eric Howard, Operation Game Thief program coordinator, says most people who call the Crime Stoppers-like hotline aren’t interested in a reward.

17—It’s more just pride—love of Texas’ natural resources. When a person calls in, they’re asked, do they want a reward. About 60-65% will say no, they’re just calling ion because they see something that they know isn’t right and they just want it stopped.

Warden Howard tells us about an incident in which a man captured two hawks in Laredo and transported them to North Carolina.

21—Someone contacted the Operation Game Thief hotline number, and a Game Warden responded through a very lengthy investigation—not only through Texas Parks and Wildlife—but the USFWS, and NC Fish and game Service. It was determined that the person did not have a license, was not permitted to have the hawks and was not any kind of falconer.

And that made the trapping and transport illegal. Learn more about Operation Game Thief, and find the hotline number on the Texas parks and Wildlife website.

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