Celebrating Texas Independence

This is Passport to Texas

This year on March 3, you have two chances to celebrate Texas Independence at historic state parks. Our State Park guide Bryan Frazier has the details.

64—One of them of course is Washington-on-the Brazos State Historic Site which is considered the birthplace of Texas. So, they’re going to pull out all the stops as they always do for Texas Independence Day at Washington-on-the Brazos State Historic Site which is just outside of Brenham, if people are looking to go there.

Every year thousands of people show up and there’s lots of different activities; there’ll be re-enactors in period costumes there. Food vendors. So, check it out. If you’re a Texan that needs to be something you add to the list to do sometime. This year would be a great year.

We’re also doing it at Fort Richardson State Park and Historic Site, and that’s in Jacksboro, TX, which is west of Fort Worth about an hour and a half. And the interesting thing about Ft. Richardson is the re-enactors they have are going to be in period costume from various periods throughout Texas.

The fort was from 1860s to 1870s; there are seven restored frontier fort buildings at Ft. Richardson. So it makes an even neater backdrop to celebrate Texas independence Day. So, check it out on our website at texasstateparks.org.

That’s our show for today…with funding provided by Chevrolet, supporting outdoor recreation in Texas; because there’s life to be done.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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