Conservation: First Friday at the Kerr WMA

Feral Swine

Feral Swine

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Friday September 7th marks the second of a three month series called First Fridays at the Kerr WMA. It’s an education and outreach program for resource managers, land owners, and other interested persons in the Edward’s Plateau Ecoregion. This session addresses critical issues facing the area.

07—We have many issues critical here in the Edward’s Plateau. Number one primarily, probably on everyone’s mind right now is water.

Water for humans and wildlife; Ryan Reitz is a wildlife biologist at the Kerr.

16—We’re here to address this issue on a rangeland scale. We’ll have Steve Nalle, a natural resource manager, discussing how to manage your land to capture water, retain water and to get that water into the aquifer. As well as provide that water more effectively in terms for wildlife.

Feral swine research and management and censusing white-tailed deer in small acreages will also get attention during this First Friday event at the Kerr WMA. Registered attendees will tour the facility.

15—We want to give the public a good and specific look not only into what we are doing here on the Kerr area, in terms of research, but give them a perspective of what role you can play as a land manager, a resource manager, or an interested party in wildlife management.

First Friday – part two – at the Kerr is September 7. It’s free to attend, but you must register. Find out how on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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