Conservation: Texas Water Documentary, 2

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One of the most pressing issues facing decision-makers when it comes to the Gulf of Mexico may be how they ultimately balance economic priorities with ecological needs. Producer, Lee Smith, addresses these and other issues in the latest water documentary from Texas Parks and Wildlife.

07—These contradictory interests have to be balanced and dealt with as we go forward.

Smith says this summer’s devastating oil spill in the gulf brought the issues of economics and ecology into the public consciousness as never before and helped him to tell the gulf’s story.

16—To have the BP spill happen you know, was almost—I hate to say this—fortuitous in many respects, because there’s a lot of exposition that I don’t have to do. People are now funded in a lot of these issues.

The documentary doesn’t focus on contentious issues, and it doesn’t take sides about whether we do or don’t want certain industries utilizing the resources of the gulf.

09—We’re getting more into the effects of what’s going on with the activity, which is here and has always been here and will be here for the foreseeable future.

Whether that activity is offshore drilling, fishing, recreation, or even natural disasters… The documentary airs early next year on PBS stations across Texas. Find a station near you at

We receive support from the Sport Fish and Wildlife Restoration Program…working to educate Texans about conserving water for humans and wildlife.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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