Does it Scare You? Then do it!

Rock Climbing at Lake Mineral Wells State Park

This is Passport to Texas

Hard to believe, but another new year nearly here. When Karen Zimmerman was at Texas Parks and Wildlife, she coordinated the agency’s State Park Ambassador program. Back then she offered suggestions for ways to connect with the outdoors and with yourself any time of year.

If you’re not getting outside try to go outside – even if it’s just walking outside. It’s amazing the benefits that that can bring to our mind. If you need to think on a problem, you should just let it marinate in your head while you walk amongst some trees. But, if you’re already into the outdoors recreation somewhat, and you want to take it a step further, I think the best resolution you can make to yourself is to try something that scares you. Because, there were so many things that I thought I just wasn’t tough enough to do – like repelling. And you might cry a little bit while you do it, but then afterwards you are going to feel so good. And, there is nothing in the world that can boost your confidence for months than undertaking something that scares you like that – and succeeding – because it’s actually not that hard, and you don’t need to be in that great of shape to do most of these outdoor activities.

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For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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