Getting Wet in West Texas

This is Passport to Texas

What’s a West Texas family supposed to do when it gets really hot and they want to go swimming, but they don’t own a pool? Our State park guide, Bryan Frazier has the answer.

68—Summertime in Texas is swimming time. And in West Texas, the water is few and far between, but our swimming pools that we have in State Parks are great in West Texas. And two immediately come to mind, and one is Abilene State Park, and you can ask just about anyone who’s been going to Abilene State Park since the 30s, and they’ll talk about the wonderful CCC built swimming pool, and how cool the water is, and how nice it is; the big stone masonry that makes that pool great. And there’s no separate fee for the pool use in Abilene; it comes with your entrance fee which is $4 per person for people ages 13 and older. And if you’re a kid 12 and younger—there’s no cost. The other one I want to mention in West Texas is Balmorhea State Park. There is no place in the world like Balmorhea State Park. Not only build by the CCC in the 30s, it’s the world’s largest natural swimming pool, with 22-million gallons of fresh water going through there. You’ve got rare catfish in there, an old fashioned high dive—its 25 feet deep—72 degrees year-round. It’s good for swimming, scuba diving, you name it. So, West Texas—it’s warm—but there’s lots of water out there, so get out there an enjoy it.

Thanks, Bryan.

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For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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