Great Outdoor Scavenger Hunt



Get the family outside and participate in the Great Outdoor Scavenger Hunt.

This is Passport to Texas

Is this how summer vacation usually goes at your home?

I’m bored. What are we gonna do? Summer vacation’s great for about the first ten days; then it’s drudgery for the next two months.

Nathan Adams is art director for TPW Magazine. He says this year will be made different…by G.O.S.H.

GOSH stands for the Great Outdoor Scavenger Hunt.

The May issue of TPW magazine, the website and APP has a list of GOSH locations. Use your smart phone to snap selfies at the sites listed.

What makes it unique, in part, is just the size and the scope of the state of Texas. There’s so much out here to see and do. And so, we wanted to find a way to encourage people to experience the history, the nature, the wildlife, the water features—just all of Texas. And, a scavenger hunt—let’s be honest—it’s a gimmick. But it’s a fun framework in which to go and see and do.

Instructions for what to include in your selfies are in the magazine, online and in the APP. Upload images to social media, or to a portal on the website with the #GOSHTX.

And then we’ll be collating those into a gallery where you can see what other people are doing, or collect what you’re doing, and keep track of your progress, and see how many of these locations you can hit over the summer.

Find all details at

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For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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