Great Texas Birding Classic Breaks Records

Great Texas Birding Classic

Great Texas Birding Classic

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The Great Texas Birding Classic, which wrapped up on May 15 following a month of non-stop, statewide birding action, was a huge success, says Texas Parks and Wildlife nature tourism coordinator, Shelly Plante.

16-This year’s Great Texas Birding Classic was absolutely the best yet. We had a hundred teams for the first time ever, and with that we were able to raise more money than we’ve raised in a long time. So, we will donate $25,000 dollars in conservation grants this ear–which is a 40% increase over last year’s donation.

Grant money goes to projects that enhance or preserve native bird habitat statewide, and winning teams designate which projects receive the funds. Plante says while birders find it rewarding, she rewards birders that make her smile, with the Make My Day award.

13-While all of these teams are out in the field and having a really great time, a lot of my job is behind the desk, taking care of data entry. And so, if a team name crosses my desk that just made me laugh out loud, or giggle a little bit–I felt that I should reward that because they brightened my day.

Teams like the Double-Stuffed Orioles, Hot Wings, and the Bird Dogs–a team that actually brought their dogs with them–among others got this recognition from Shelly Plante.

Find a list of conservation projects that received grants at

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For Texas Parks and Wildlife, I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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