Hello Giant Salvinia/Good-bye Lakes

This is Passport to Texas

Giant Salvinia is a South American aquatic plant that may have found its way into Texas waters via the aquarium trade.

:03—The biggest problem with it is, is that it has a phenomenal growth rate.

And that fast growth spells trouble for Texas lakes says Howard Elder, a Texas Parks and Wildlife biologist involved in managing giant salvinia.

:13—It can double the area it covers in five to seven days. It creates dense mat, which shields the bottom of the lake from the sunlight; it displaces native vegetation, and displaces fish species.

Texas Parks and Wildlife launches a multimedia campaign this month to educate citizens about invasive species, beginning with giant salvinia. At the time we recorded this show, a television PSA was in production.

:03 –Action. I am the Salvinia Monster.

Texas parks and Wildlife marketing director Darcy Bontempo says the spot is intended to increase awareness among anglers and boaters.

:19—The TV spot is part of a larger campaign, which we call the “Hello, Good-bye” campaign, created by our advertising agency, Sherry Mathews. One of the most important things we can do to prevent is actually to have anglers and boaters understand the role that they play. If they clean their boats, their trailers, their equipment. They can actually prevent the spread of giant salvinia to other lakes.

Visit www.texasinvasives.org to learn more about giant salvinia and other invasive species changing TX Lakes. That’s our show… For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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