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Texas Mule Deer

Texas Mule Deer

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Healthy habitat means healthy wildlife. The non-profit Texas Wildlife Association – a TPWD partner – ensures both by empowering private landowners to embrace good land management practices.

15—With private land, making up, upwards of 95 percent of the land in Texas, [landowners] they’re the ones making the real decisions that affect all the people that live in our state. And, so, we need to give them the tools and resources they need to make wise use of the land that they’re the stewards of.

Justin Dreibelbis is Hunting Heritage Program Director at TWA. The organization documents the result of good land management practices through its annual Texas Big Game Awards Program, which proves quality bucks, for example, are not the sole domain of South Texas.

13—Our Texas Big Game Awards has helped us document those exceptional big game harvests around the state; we’ve been doing it since 1991 as a record-keeping program for the state, identifying those exceptional big game animals that are taken each year.

He says TWA reviews this large dataset and the variables associated with producing exceptional big game animals.

08— And so that data set allows Parks and Wildlife to go back and look at trends with rainfall and land use and make large-scale management decisions around the state.

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For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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