Hunting: Dove & Drought

Dove at Dusk

Dove at Dusk

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Doves may be harder to find in the Panhandle during the upcoming hunting season because of drought conditions in the area.

09— The drought can be a blessing when it comes to hunting – they can concentrate birds in some areas. But, the last few years we’ve seen a lot of decreased harvest in the Panhandle region just for the fact of conditions.

Shaun Olden-burger is migratory shore and upland game bird program leader at Parks and Wildlife. Farmers planting fewer crops and a shortage of water sent doves searching for more hospitable environs.

07— I probably see hunting opportunity somewhat similar to last year. It was probably average to poor in certain areas in the Panhandle.

However, Olden-burger says if hunters don’t mind traveling to other regions of the state, they can harvest their limit.

28— We look in the Edward’s Plateau area, in the central part of the state; I’ve already heard some very good reports as far as dove numbers there – in some of our initial surveys that we’ve done — we’ve actually found very good numbers in many locations compared to last year. So, I would expect the hunting in the central part of the state to be good, western Texas I’ve heard some good numbers as well, and even in south Texas where we have some drought areas, I’ve heard numbers were up this year compared to last year just based on some field reports. Eastern Texas probably very similar to last year, maybe a few more. We tend to have more consistent rainfall there.

The Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program supports our series and works to increase fishing, hunting, shooting and boating opportunities in Texas. For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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