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Steve Hall teaching a Hunter Education Class

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For many, hunting is learned as a family tradition, passed down from elders to future generations. But if hunting wasn’t shared among your friends and family, and you want to hunt, how do you learn?

To start hunting you really have to find a mentor.

Steve Hall is the Hunter Education Coordinator at Texas Parks and Wildlife.

We’re actually starting some mentor hunts and those are probably the best way to learn about hunting, especially if you’re an adult.

Another good first step is taking a hunter education course. Hunters 17 years of age or older can take an online-only course at the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.

The hunter education course will teach you the basics on safety, responsibility. Everything from transportation to field considerations. But also things like hunter ethics, wildlife conservation and the hunter’s role in wildlife management.

Hunters under 17 years of age can take instructor-led courses to learn how to hunt safely, legally, and ethically, then sign up for a Texas Youth Hunting Program youth hunt. To find out more visit tyhp.org

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For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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