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Halloween and state parks go together. Our State park Guide Bryan Frazier has details about a “Spooktacular” event at Sea Center Texas, and an event at Inks Lake SP featuring creatures of the night—and a star party.

This is a real novel idea; park staff dress up like animals that come out at night. And they’re going to talk about some of the things that these animals do. Then they’re going to do a night hike, there’s going to be a costume party. Then there’ll be a star gazing party that they’ll have there because of the open night sky in the Hill Country.

And this is a fantastic opportunity to get kids much more acclimated to what goes on after the sun goes down in our out of doors. And this is a way to take the Halloween theme and use that to educate that just because the sun goes down in a park doesn’t mean you can’t see the wonderful things that goes on outdoors after dark.

What kinds of spooky things happen at a place like Sea Center?

This is their fifth year; they’re having the annual Sea Center Spooktacular. It’s very kid oriented; they’ll have a costume contest, they’re having treats. They can tour and see the aquarium, and the hatchery—the real, functioning hatchery that we have at Sea center. So, it’s a great opportunity to get kids plugged in. It gives them a safe place to go and do something for the Halloween event.

Thanks, Bryan!

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For Texas Parks and Wildlife I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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