Outdoor Stories: Cliff Shackelford

Passport to Texas Outdoor Stories from Texas Parks and Wildlife

Cliff Shackelford, Parks and Wildlife non-game ornithologist, was a city kid whose family owned land in east Texas. It’s there Cliff discovered his passion.

It was great to have this big backyard of a hundred and twenty acres. And I used to wander around with a BB gun shooting cans, and pine cones…I saw this big bird, and I couldn’t believe how big it was. The colors – it was black and white and had this big flaming red crest and it landed on a trunk of a tree and started hitching up like a woodpecker.

And I thought – no way – I never had seen a woodpecker that big. So I remember running back to the cabin and asking my dad – I saw t his big woodpecker, what was it – and he said, it was a “log god.” And I said, log god, what is that?

And so as soon as we got back home we went to the public library and found a bird book. It happened to be Roger Tory Petersen’s Birds of Texas. Right in the middle of the book are the woodpeckers and so I opened it up and there it was.

And it was the pileated woodpecker, and one of the colloquial names is log god – the god of the logs. And I just thought was really neat to go out in the field, see something, note all the characteristics and then have a book and try to identify it.

So, to me, it was really fun to identify things – and it hasn’t stopped. And, thirty plus years later and I’m still doing it.

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That’s our show for today…remember Life is Better Outside…For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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