Outdoor Story: Kate Lipinski

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Some of Kate Lipinski’s earliest memories are of camping trips in northern Wisconsin with her family. She said they would spend a week in the north woods, paddling and living in a rustic cabin.

And I’d never done any real camping until I was about twelve.

I went on a backpacking trip when I was about twelve years old through summer camp. It was kind of a crazy trip, because we had a couple girls get sick, and they had to get taken off of our trip. And so we were hiking out to the trail head all the time to evacuate two of these girls. And then, we were doing really long days to make up for it.

So, we hiked eight miles this one day, and the next day we decided to take a day off and bake a cake. And we were sitting next to Lake Superior; it was sunset at Lake Superior and we were eating this cake that we baked over an open fire. And on one side we can see a sunset and on the other side we could see a storm moving in. And we could see lighting and thunder just rolling across the lake.

The sunset was still going on, on the other side of the sky, and it was perfect. And we were just watching this storm roll in. That’s when I realized that it was all worth it. Even if you have to hike tons of miles, and you’re really tired and you’re really sweaty, there’s always a reward when you go out in nature. There’s always something that you can get out of it.

Thanks, Kate. By the way, Kate is Passport’s new intern, and we’re delighted to have her here.

That’s our show for today…remember Life is Better Outside…For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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