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Paddling an East Texas Trail

Paddling an East Texas Trail

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Outdoor enthusiasts have access to more than 500 miles of paddling trails throughout Texas.

04— We want to grow our inventory of trails as large as the state will allow.

Toward that end, Ron Smith, of Inland Fisheries, says a new trail opens this week in East Texas.

06— It’s located right next to and through the Big Thicket down in Beaumont, Texas.

Smith says access to the trail is easy. And, while it’s suitable for novices, seasoned paddlers will enjoy it, too, as it offers variety.

10—The trail goes up through Cook’s Lake, and then it goes across the bayou back into Big Thicket; then it comes back out on Scatterman Lake, and then you come down the Neches River.

At which point you can head back to dry land at the take out point. And if you’re interested in paddling this new trail…

14—Well, they’re going to try and launch it with their Big Thicket rally on September the sixth, on a Saturday. And, from what I hear, they have already 100 boats signed up to do it. So, there’ll be a lot of paddlers out there that day.

Find information on all the paddling trails in Texas on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.

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For Texas Parks and Wildlife, I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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