Renew or Buy State Parks Pass Online

Buy or renew your Texas State Parks Pass online.

This is Passport to Texas

Parkgoers can renew or purchase a Texas State Parks Pass online thanks to improvements in the online reservation system. Thomas Wilhelm is the marketing and branding manager for Texas State parks.

People have made it clear that they want the ability to either purchase their park pass online or renew their park pass on line for a long time. The advantage to purchasing in advance now, with the new reservation system, is your park pass discounts get applied when you make your reservation. So, you’re getting those benefits immediately. When you’re paying in advance for your campsite or your entrance fees, you’re getting those parks pass benefits upfront. You have the ability now to renew your park pass as well, which you can do, I think it’s up to five months in advance of your park pass expiring. One of the big advantages we’ll see with the new park pass system, and the new system with it…is that currently with the park pass you get four camping discounts for half off your second night. With the new reservation system, we’re eliminating that restriction on the number of discounts you get. So, with your park pass it’s unlimited half off your second night of camping when you stay two or more nights.

Purchase or renew your Texas State Parks Pass on the Texas parks and Wildlife Website.

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