San Jacinto Day Celebration and Rememberance

This is Passport to Texas

April 21is the day Texans remember the Battle of San Jacinto—a turning point in the story of Texas. Our State Park Guide, Bryan Frazier, tells us about a battle reenactment to take place on the San Jacinto Battleground.

This is one of the most iconic battles we have in our colorful Texas history. It’s a reenactment of what happened on April 21, 1836. There’ll be people in period costume and battle garb, and they will actually reconstruct that battle from 1836 where the Texans courageously won their independence from Santa Anna’s forces down in Southeast Texas. And that’s at San Jacinto Battleground, down just outside of Houston. Every year it draws lots and lots of people, and it’s just one of those times where you can get up close and personal with living Texas history, because the battle is reenacted right before your very eyes. People who go say it is a pretty revealing, interesting and powerful thing to see—and its so fundamental to our Texas history base. It’s something that we think everyone who’s a Texan should understand what happened and its significance to our state. Few times can you get up and really see, or witness and event that did happen in history that turned the tide of a nation.

Thanks, Bryan.

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