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Paddling at Llano Springs.

Paddling at Llano Springs.

This is Passport to Texas

As the non-profit partner of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation raises funds to support agency initiatives to preserve the state’s wild places and wild things.

Like conserving Texas rivers, and restoring pronghorn to the plains of West Texas. And, we led the effort on the acquisition of Powderhorn Ranch.

Jay Kleberg is Director of Conservation Initiatives at Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation . The Powderhorn Ranch acquisition, alone, was a 50-million-dollar project to preserve 17-thousand acres along the Texas coast; land that will become a state park. They’re able to do this important work with a dedicated membership base that is passionate about the outdoors.

In Texas, people are passionate about wildlife and conservation and water and open spaces. And so, I’m really proud of all of the members we have. And this year, we’ve started a membership awareness campaign and through We Will Not Be Tamed, and our website, folks can join as members of the foundation.

Become a member by March 8th to be entered into a drawing for a coveted culinary retreat at Llano Springs Ranch with celebrated Chef, Jesse Griffiths, and his New School of Traditional Cookery.

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For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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